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Building Location:  Temple Road, Blackrock, County Dublin


Description: Feasibility Study for Mixed Use Residential / Retail Development


The project involved the preparation of a Preliminary Planning Appraisal and the selection of design team and the co-ordination of a Feasibility Study to ascertain development potential of the site in conjunction with neighbouring sites and advise on the intensity and type of development most likely to be acceptable to the planning authority.


Existing development comprises a 2 storey building of approx. 720 sq.m currently in commercial use as a bar / restaurant. The proposed development (including neighbouring sites) provides for a total gross commercial area of 415 sq.m and a total gross residential area of 1,415 sq m providing a mix of one, two and three bedroom apartments over three floors.


Architecture should speak 
of its time and place, 
but yearn for timelessness.

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